2015 Fall Forum


Litigation Materials

How to Ethically Prepare Corp. Witnesses

Art of Persuasion - Storytelling Fall Forum 2016

Persuasive Opening Statments and Closing Arguments

Fran Art of Persuasion

Paul Storytelling

Paul Using Technology

The Use of Technology and Demonstrative Exhibits to Persuade at Trial

Paul Damages

Dealing with Damages

Paul - Dealing with Damages

Andreason Handout, Defending Damages

Paul Art of PersuasionTelling Tales

Paul Damages Preference Reversal

Marygrace Witness Preparation

Admitting Persuasive Expert Testimony

Expert Witness Preformance

Hour 8 Fall Forum Witness

Jeff Fall Forum Focus Groups 2016 Fall Forum Final

Jeff Fall Forum Focus Groups 2016 Fall Forum Final (2)

Lit. Section_Persuasive Expert Testimony

Magleby Slide 1

Magleby Slide 2

Magleby Slide 3

Magleby Slide 4

Magleby Slide 5

Marygrace DQ Expert

Marygrace Expert Witness Performance

Marygrace Two Sides of Persuasive Communication

Sample Confidentiality Agreement

Sample Demographic Quetionnaire

Sample Questionnaire, Damages Case

Sample Questionnaire, Liability Case