2015 Fall Forum

Fall Forum App

The 2016 Fall Forum app is now available for both iPhone and Android. The app contains all of the information you will need to know to attend this year’s event, including the full agenda, bios on the speakers, and more importantly, all of the presentation materials, among other things.

If you haven't already downloaded one of our previous convention apps, you can simply go to the app store (for Apple) or the Android apps in Google Play (for Android) and do a search on "Utah Bar."

If you have already downloaded the app for one of our previous conventions, you can access the main menu page and scroll down to "switch event/logout" (the last choice), then select "2016 Utah Bar Fall Forum."




Call or e-mail Stephen or Lexie respectively, at 801 297-7036 or 801 297-7032 or via e-mail at stephen.seko@utahbar.org or lexie.goates@utahbar.org should you need further assistance.