2013 Summer Convention


SAVE THE DATE: Thank you for a great Fall Forum! We look forward to seeing you next year when the 2014 Fall Forum will be held on November 20-21, 2014 at the Little America in Salt Lake City!

SPEAKER BIOS can be found HERE

We are excited to announce our Keynote Speakers for the 2013 Fall Forum!

Fall Forum Committee:
Co-Chairs Cathleen Gilbert & Denver Snuffer, Joyce Maughan, Katherine Judd, Gaberiel White, Irshad Aadil, Steve Kelson, Doug Adair, Virginia Sudbury, Sara Bouley, RobRoy Platt, Jon Hafen.

THURSDAY NIGHT: Multitasking Gone Mad: How to Practice Effectively in a Wired, Distracting, Demanding World

Attorneys must cope with a wired, demanding, distracting world in order to practice law effectively and ethically. Mr. Karp will address the emotional and physiological consequences of always being connected and the potential negative impact on legal work. He will explore the impact of multitasking, ways to overcome it, and how stay focused on what matters most.
Irwin Karp: Irwin Karp is a productivity consultant with Productive Time in Sacramento, California. He is also an attorney with 30+ years of experience. Irwin presents seminars around the country in the areas of time management, personal and team productivity, project management, organization, overcoming procrastination, e-mail management, communications, and workflow.
FRIDAY MORNING: Our Crisis of Overconfidence

Attorneys and clients often lose settlement opportunities because they are mistakenly overconfident in case evaluations and settlement positions. Mr. Kiser has studied the frequency, costs and predictors of legal decision-making errors and teaches how clients, attorneys and neutrals can improve decision-making made under conflict. He will share the results of his extensive research into more than 12,000 legal settlement decisions and outline specific ways to obtain much more accurate decision-making expertise.

Randy Kiser is the Principal Analyst at Decision-Set in Palo Alto, California, and an international authority on legal decision making. He teaches Advanced Decision Analysis at the Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine University, and his extensive research has been featured in a broad range of publications from the New York Times to U.S. Supreme Court briefs.
FRIDAY AFTERNOON: The Art & Science of Changing Minds

How would you like to have your clients and juries accept your position? You can dramatically improve your odds by understanding how people make decisions and what causes them to act. This dynamic program draws on the latest psychological research to illustrate how you can influence clients, prospects, juries and colleagues to change their minds and effect real change. It isn't just the soundness of your position, it is the persuasiveness of your approach. Learn how to persuade.
Steve Hughes is the founder and president of Hit Your Stride, LLC, a communications consultancy that helps attorneys look and sound smart when they talk. He is the author of the upcoming book Dazzle Me and his seminars have been featured on NPR, BBC Radio, and BusinessWeek. Steve is also the proud creator of “International Be Kind To Lawyers Day” (celebrated annually on the 2nd Tuesday in April).